This Wall will Fall | Action Field Kodra (2013)

Walls, both real and psychological, rise to protect, safeguard, ensure safety and build certainties. However, they also trace the exciting of imaginary border  inside and outside which public and private life takes shape and gets organized.: they isolate, move away, build uncertainties. Our existential walls place us in a circle of an open-minded route.  Wiith no way out we are obligatority revolving around ourselves and; we are only intrested in ourselves and  do not listen nor see the trajectories of the “others”. These “walls” are a strong dividing line seperating us from any-one and anything placed beyond them. Walls presuppose rivarly, hostility, violence. Freedom comes  by doubting their usefulness and by finally demolishing them.

World history is full of narrations of falls. Walls experience their most popular moment when they are broken down, when they cease to exist. The moment of their fall is by default the moment of the most important passage from limitation to freedom, from obligation to clarity of free choice and unlimited expansion.

Maro Psyrra, art historian-curator

Exhibition details

The exhibition was organised by the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in the context of the Action Field Kodra 2013 Thessaloniki.

Duration:06-18/09/2013 | Venue: Ex military Kodra camp

Curators:Ioanna Souroudi, Katerina Siroglou, Maro Psyrra

Artists: Theodora Dimitriadis, Orestis Lazos, Chrisovalantou Likoglou, Georgios Koftis, Marios Fournaris