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Michalis Aggelidis, Christos Vagiatas, Konstantis Giotis, Markos Karellas, Konstantinos Kotsis, Orestis Mavroudis

In November TinT gallery will present a group exhibition entitled “Nothing”, featuring the works of: Michalis Aggelidis, Christos Vagiatas, Konstantis Giotis, Markos Karellas, Konstantinos Kotsis and Orestis Mavroudis.
The exhibition will be curated by Maro Psyrra, art historian and a curator of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

Nothing is a state of being which is much stronger and realer than others. It’s content is unclear. It cannot be defined because it does not refer to that which is specific. It is open to interpretation: every person understands it in a different way. Nothing is not ‘something’, it is not nil, it has no substance and it entails an exceptionally blurry state without a begging, middle, or end. Simultaneously it marks “that” which does not matter, which doesn’t require our attention, which is meaningless, insignificant and unworthy of our time. Yet behind these negatively charged semantic ideals, “nothing” simultaneously constitutes a beginning, a point from which everything may start. Within this vague entity of nothingness, lies also the potential for the creation of something.

The title of the exhibition was a collective decision. The five participants, all young artists, unanimously agreed that the title of the exhibition expressed the their work. This choice is particularly interesting because the vagueness of the word “nothing” offers multiple readings in conjunction with contemporary reality. In our particularly volatile contemporary landscape, concepts and values are demoted, new questions that are posed incite agonizing trivialization, and prospects seem to lead not to zero, but to nothing. Nothing to see, nothing to discuss, nothing to create, nothing to dream? Or maybe nothing so it may stop us, nothing so it may deter our creativity, nothing so that it may limit our thinking? Today, “all or nothing” appears to be a self-referential phrase. “All” if we choose to pursue it, and “nothing” if we ultimately give in to it.

Maro Psyrra

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