Nan Goldin Scopophilia

Nan Goldin Scopophilia

Scopophilia means love to look anything but expresses sexualpleasure that can be derived from the image of naked bodies. This is the name that Nan Golding gave to the series of photos and the slide show created from 10/04/10 to 01/31/11 when she was invited by the Louvre, to create a work based on the masterpieces of its permanent collection. Having access to the Louvre, the hours that the museum was closed the Goldin confirmed that many of the artistic obsessions: sex, violence, rapture, despair and the mutability of gender stem from deep imaginative currents in Western art history, myth, and religious iconography. The photographer, all this time photographed details of paintings and sculptures of the museum, which treated them thematically and creates a diaporama, a chat section of art, with her personal photographic archive. Creating myth and reality, sexuality, fantasy and wet dreams in a new work of art that does not resemble many of the works of Nan Goldin we know, since these are photos that balance between fantasy and reality, most surreal, having thrown off the sarcasm and the hard realism of the past, resembling a movement of reconciliation.

Exhibition details

This exhibition was presented at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the event Artworks from the Louvre in Thessaloniki.

Duration: 12/10/2012- 27/01/2013 | Venue: Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Coordination of the exhibition: Maro Psyrra

Curators: Marie-Laure Bernadac and Denys Zacharopoulos