Inspire-Arts Festival

The “Inspire” Thessaloniki Arts festival was organized for the third consecutive year at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, focused onEFFECTIVE SPACES: through various artistic means and practices, the intense presence in space was explored. Pierre Labat(FR), Nikos Navridis (GR) and Hermann Pitz (DE) were this year’s guests.
In the context of the festival, artistic workshops, presentations of the three artists, round table/conference, exhibition with the works of the invited artists and exhibition with the products of the workshops were presented.
The artistic workshops conducted in two different periods: the first period included the workshop of the artist Nikos Navridis from 8-13 January 2015. The second period included the two workshops of the two artists : Hermann Pitz and Pierre Labat form 21-26 February 2015. The exhibitions with the products of the workshops and the works of the three artists as well, were inaugurated immediately after the end of the extended workshop.

Pierre Labat (1977) studied fine arts at Quimper and Strasbourg. He has presented his works in more than ten individual exhibitions, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and he has carried residencies programs. Usually with simple, minimalistic sculptures and installations, he focuses in the activation of multiple conceptions of space as a place of projecting and framing the motion, but also as a field of challenging illusory impressions.

Nikos Navridis (1958) studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and painting at the School of Fine Arts. Since 2008 he teaches arts at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, while he has also represented Greece in many international competitions. In his work he has multiply explored breathing and exhaling, emptiness and fullness, visualizing them by using installations, video, photography and design in multilevel approaches.

Hermann Pitz (1956) studied painting in Berlin. After his graduation (1980) he cofounded Büro Berlin, a self-management space for the promotion of contemporary art. From 2002 he teaches at the School of Fine Arts in Munich and he is a visiting professor and consultant in numerous art institutions. Constant creativity that often intersects different artistic genres and means, the concept of design and organization are the core of his quests.

Exhibition details:

Duration:  08/02/2015 – 15/03/2015 |Venue: Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Administrative Head: Maro Psyrra | Head curator: Thouli Misirloglou | Curators: Katerina Nikou and Ariadni Chatzitatsi